Another Inspired glimpse…

Another Inspired glimpse…

So as we have been scheming and dreaming of ways to design the shop and properly show off all the fabulous pieces that will fill Inspired, we really wanted to seek inspiration from the past. A way to give Inspired a feeling of history and heart, right from the start.

A mid-summer trek to central Illinois found us treasure seeking in a series of old barns with a new friend, Jim Walden.
Jim shared the storied past of dozens of pieces which he has saved from the wrecking ball, hailing from every corner of the Midwest. He has held in safe-keeping these treasures until we arrived…

So begins the creation of our Inspired cash wrap
Where everything old is new again…


We can’t wait to stand with you at the Inspired cash wrap (check-out counter) and share an Inspired moment.

Tune in soon for more Inspired adventures….


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September 1, 2015

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